An introduction to brain health


Laura Feldman is a Support and Education Coordinator for the Alzheimer Society of BC’s Vancouver/Richmond Resource Centre. She has been working in the role for the past 13 years. She’s passionate about working to improve the quality of life for people affected by dementia through education, support and whatever is needed at the time. Her work enables her to reach out to people who might not otherwise step forward and acknowledge they need help; it is about meeting people where they are in their journey and she feels grateful to be able to do such meaningful work.

Health by Stealth video series

Links to the Health by Stealth Series:

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Squamish Shed

The Squamish Men’s Shed Society (SMSS) is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers to achieve three objectives:

  • Promote volunteerism within our community
  • Provide senior men with a safe and supportive social environment while enhancing their physical and mental well being
  • Better our community by responding to “build project” requests from non-profit organizations in Squamish

We welcome everyone, come and visit and see what the Squamish Men’s Shed is all about.