Approximately every month members of MSABC have a virtual meeting to catch up with Shed activities across the province, ask questions and generally offer support and encouragement to each other.

At our last virtual gathering Dr. John Ogrodniczuk, a Professor of Psychiatry, Director of the UBC Psychotherapy Program and Founder of HeadsUpGuys, a leading global resource for supporting men with depression, was invited to talk about Men's Suicide and Depression and what to do about it.

Then Sam Tutanauk shared with us the work he and his team are doing in Nunavut.

For such in important topic and because of Dr. John's expertise and Sam's experience, MSABC opened up the meeting to Men's Sheds across Canada.

The presentation was recorded and it is available at the following link.

If you want to avoid the introductions, tune in at the 4:20 mark for Dr. John's presentation and at the 60 min. mark to learn about what is happening in Nunavut.