Greetings Canadian Shedders!

Welcome to the second edition of Men’s Sheds Canada (MSC) Newsletter! Our board is pleased to bring you the latest updates and important information as we continue on our journey to establish 1000 sheds in the next 10 years. 

In this edition, we have a range of topics to cover, ensuring that you stay well informed and engaged with MSC. Topics include information on our upcoming AGM, the winning MSC Logo design, Phase 2 of our Website Development initiative, the incorporation of the Alberta Men’s Sheds Association, a spotlight on the Alouette Men’s Shed in Maple Ridge, BC and more.

We hope you enjoy this edition and encourage you to share your ideas, stories and feedback with us. 

You can find the full Shed Newsletter as a PDF right here.

Happy Shedding!

Authoring Shed