Men’s Shed Association of BC               MSABC Minutes of Board Meeting Wed. Mar. 1, 2023 Roll Call: Chris S., Ron E., Cliff I., Mike J., Jan F.,  John S., Robert G., Guest David F. Strategic… more
MSABC Board Meeting Monday June 19, 2023   Minutes:   Roll Call – Mike J, Varouj  (New Board Member), Cliff I, Ron E, Ariel O, Chris S,             John S Called to Order by Mike            … more
MSABC Board Meeting Dec 13, 2023               Report   Attending: John S, Mike J, Ron E, Varouj, Robert G, Jan F, Chris S.   Outreach Report – Mike             Have a new shed in Ft St John… more
2023 was a record year for forest fires in Canada. Andy Tamas realised that many children had lost their toys and his Men's Shed could help. Here is a short CTV piece about the project. https://www.… more
This short video from Scotland is very representative of Men's Sheds in BC and no doubt elsewhere. If in doubt, check int out.
Approximately every month members of MSABC have a virtual meeting to catch up with Shed activities across the province, ask questions and generally offer support and encouragement to each other. At… more
  Vanderhoof Men’s Shed Newsletter   October 2023 Can you help move pumpkins from the Independent on Friday the 27th @ 9:30 am.    Everyone’s age today is 2023 Did you know that today the… more