Men’s Shed Association of BC               MSABC

Minutes of Board Meeting Wed. Mar. 1, 2023

Roll Call: Chris S., Ron E., Cliff I., Mike J., Jan F.,  John S., Robert G., Guest David F.

Strategic Plan – David Friesen:   Discussion on the Strategic Plan, Video, Start Up Guide,   etc. Board Members are to go over the template and be ready to discuss at the next Board Meeting. It is to be sent to all Board Members.

  1. Call to order.
  2. Agenda approved as printed.     AGM minutes are to be corrected and resent to everyone (John S, Mike J). Robert G mentioned that a director can be appointed until the next AGM.
  3. BC Shed of the Year – seemed to be a good idea. Mike is to find more about the Scotland Plan and we will have to develop the criteria for choosing one.
  4. Government Funding – we need to keep pressure on Government  Agencies and Health Regions and work with Local Charities to develop partnerships for “flow through funding”. Robert mentioned that there were efforts being made to establish a Foundation with Governments.
  5. The Training Power Point is being worked on.
  6. Community Building Power Point being worked on.
  7. Strategic Plan – covered 1st item above
  8. MSABC Website Development: Ariel is working on this. Cost may be about $5500. Trying for an UW Project Grant. Chris mentioned maybe a levy/donation from member sheds to help cover the cost. Website needs to be simple and easy to use. Squamish has one, was supported by 2 local firms and only cost them $2000 instead of the regular cost of $10,000.
  9. By-Law Committee is the Board. All directors are to review it and suggest changes at the next meeting. John to send the current one to all Directors
  10. Canadian Men’s Health Foundation:    We will have a Zoom Presentation at the April Board Meeting. Chris is to look into having more presentations at General Meetings, such as every 2nd month.
  11. Mike:    32 sheds operating or in progress, 20 paid up, 14 have MSABC Insurance.


Next Meeting: To Be determined, in 1 or 2 months.  Meeting adjourned.