Hi Guys, 

Mike and I are struggling to find an organisation locally with Charitable status to host our proposed project grant. We’re writing to you to see if you have any tips or suggestions for overcoming this. The resistance we are meeting comes in 2 forms. Either the organisations charitable charter doesn’t cover something like a Men’s Shed or just unwillingness to move outside of their policy of not doing this sort of thing/unwillingness to take on any added workload. The first case is understandable but in the second, I’m hoping you have some experience in overcoming this and would be able to point us in the right direction.

Our fallback position is to apply for charitable status ourselves. Not ideal as it seems it will delay us by 6-12 months but maybe the only way forward, but would also lose out on 2021 grant money. Have any of you taken this route or explored getting charitable status yourselves? Again any experience shared would be very helpful.

Also we are needing a running Shed to Mentor us due to proximity Oliver makes the most sense, but we are open to anyone who will offer help so we are not delayed.

Many thanks for your help