Check here for information on what's happing the day of the conference.



Good morning Conference Registrants,

Please find attached a brief note and video describing the Qi Gong breathing and restorative exercises lead by John Spak who has volunteered his services to the Conference. John runs the Fists of Mystery and Truth martial arts school in Surrey, BC. Please familiarize yourself with this exercise which will take place in the mid morning and again in the mid pm for about 5 minutes/session.

On another Conference note, Registration will be open on Tuesday, Oct 26 from about 1:00 to 6:00 pm in the Garibaldi Room on the second floor of the Executive Suites Hotel. Once you check into the hotel, please visit our Registration desk on the second floor to register in person. Shed photos/posters and a display of crafts produced by various Sheds will be available for viewing in the Garibaldi Room.

Again, all Conference participants must be fully vaccinated with proof.

I hope you will enjoy the MSABC Conference!