The meeting started at 10;45am due to a time warp in Vernon. Vernon is now back on Pacific Summer Time.

Attending, Doug (Coquitlam), Mike (Coquitlam), Paul (CMSA), Scott (Comox), Jim (Parksville), Art (Okanagan), Russ (Okanagan), David (Vernon), Gene (Vanderhoof)), John (Fraser Lake).

Unable to attend due to a storm that severed communications, Farrell (Salmo).

Mike reviewed the follow-up list for potential new Sheds. There are currently 14 potential Sheds in BC.

Robert brought us up to date on the conference planning and asked for advice re. Covid 19 and requiring in-person participants to be fully vaccinated.

Motion by Scott (Comox). That everyone attending the conference be fully vaccinated and that others be invited to attend via the live stream.

Seconded by Robert (Squamish) PASSED.

Robert reported that the Conference registration form will be online in the next week and that everyone is required to register (even if you have already given your names to Squamish.

Mike talked about the website <> and that it is beginning to provide access for all the Sheds. Sheds were asked to check their contact information and to add content to their section. Contacts will go directly to the Shed.

Also that there are now buttons for grant applications.

David Friesen gave a report on the move to the new Shed. With the anticipated increase in membership, they are upping their game with regard to governance and formalizing procedures. This is a very exciting time for Vernon and the rest of us.

Meeting ended at 11;30am.

Next meeting- 1st. September.

Notes were taken by Mike Jennings.