Report on the Shed project

Location: Gordon Church, Burnaby

Charity: "Don't Go Hungry" Food Bank

Visionary: Rhonda Gale

The Team: Cal, Robbie, Dave3 & Doug2

What is to be accomplished?

Move the groceries from the parking lot to the Church basement.

The plan: 

Build a chute from the parking lot to the basement (Static conveyor), easy eh?

The hitch: 

  1. A condemned handicap chair lift is installed on the stairs.
  2. The chute must fold up against the wall so the stairs and handrail are accessible.

The action: 

  1. Remove and recycle the handicap chair lift.
  2. Plan, build, paint & install the chute

The results:

Check out the photos and ...

You be the judge.

The acceptance:👍👍 & many more thumbs up.

Groceries moved in record time with minimal effort!

Men Helping the Community

Doug 2

Painting.jpgInstalling chute.jpgChute down.jpgCrew with first delivery.jpgSupports bridge railing.jpgChute up.jpg--