Build an e-Bike Project

Salmo Men’s Shed teaches youth to build e-Bikes

On a tour of the local municipal civic works in 2019 it was noted that the Village had accumulated a stack of recovered bicycles over several years. All these were in a state of significant disrepair. Our local Men’s Shed under the direction of Farrell Segall offered to launch a project to educate youth in the use of tools and use these bike frames to reconstruct them as e-bikes. The project would require a commitment from youth signing up to learn the in’s and out’s of bike repair and the basics of operation of e-bikes. After building 2 fully operational e-bikes the 3rd one they would get free to to take home for themselves.

The project was launched with the first candidate on 4th October shown here with his first unmodified bicycle.


Written on October 4, 2020