Men’s Shed Association of BC                       MSABC


Minutes of Special Board Meeting Tues. Aug 8; 10:00 AM

Attending: Cliff I, Jan F, Robert G, Mike J, Varouj, John S

Purpose: to discuss and possibly ratify the Memorandum of Understanding between MSABC and MSC and to discuss a few other items.


  1. Mike introduced the MOU and Robert spoke of the work involved in coming to an agreement. It is reviewable annually and it is important to get everyone On-Board. He thanked Mike for his valuable input.

Mike/Varouj -  moved/seconded that we ratify the MOU between MSC and MSABC.       Carried

  1. Help Age Canada – Help Age Canada is an organization that supports community based initiatives through its partnerships across Canada and abroad to help older persons lead secure, healthy, active and dignified lives.  They administer Start –Up and Project Grants for Men’s Sheds in Canada as well as a Grant Program for Provincial Organizations (PA’s). The deadline for the PA Grant is Sept 25, 2023. Mike is concerned that the MSABC Website Development will not be funded as he feels it addresses their purpose. Robert indicated that MSC has contracted Higher Logic to benefit Sheds and PA’s with IT Tools and services, including websites.
  2. New Horizons Grants – it seems expertise is needed in applying. Varouj has touched bases with the Mt. Pleasant chapter; Cliff may have a contact in Vanderhoof; we hope to have a committee in place for the September meeting.
  3. Robert – The CMHC (Canadian Mental Health Commission) has sent Robert a list of available materials that are available. It will be shared to MSABC and possibly at the Oct. 18, Zoom Meeting which is open to all sheds.
  4. Strategic Plan – Mike reported that he has had a few inquiries re learning to use the Power Points. The Community building one is valuable for presentations to Mayore, Councils, MLA’s, etc.
  5. Shed updates – Progress made in Chilliwack and Langley with finding a building. Cliff reported a 2ndShed in Prince George and one in Langley have paid their memberships in MSABC and enrolled in the Group Insurance.
  6. The Dudes Club in Vancouver is hosting a wellness fair Sept 22, 2023 and MSABC will have a table there to spread the word about Men’s Sheds.


Next Meeting – Thurs Sept 14, 10:00 AM